Venetian Plaster

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Venetian Plaster

Italian Plaster [also known as Venetian Plaster or decorative plaster] is the name given to a range of products and techniques, which resemble stucco Veneziano, a type of lime putty. The original materials and processes, developed in Italy, have been in use since the Roman Empire as a decorative wall surface material designed to simulate marble and granite. It works admirably when the material is correctly applied due to its illustrious feel and legendary shine.

Of the many 'Venetian Plasters' available artist prefer the synthetics for thier ease of use, mirror like qualities when burnished, non toxic constitution and shelf life.

When highly polished the plaster may give the appearance of natural materials such as glass, marble or rock.

One of the wonderful traits of Venetian plaster is the feel of the finished surface. The silky smooth walls must be felt to be believed. Do not be surprised when your houseguests can't keep thier hands off the walls! Not to be worry though -- polished Venetian Plaster is finger print and stain resistant, durable and easily cleaned. The properly wax sealed surface is also water resistant.

Though more than how it feels, more than how long it lasts or how durable it is, the best thing that can be attributed to this most popular Italian import since Sophia Loren is its STAR quality! After all, how many people have you ever seen HUG a painted wall?







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